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Home of the American Staffordshire Terrier and Rottweiler
ANKC Registered breeders since 2016
DogsNSW - 2100098844 

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About Us 

FNF Kennels is a small well established and reputable ANKC registered breeder. Breeding pedigree dogs since 2016. DogsNSW breeder no. 2100098844

Located Gilgai NSW 2360

Here at FNF Kennels we take great pride in our dogs and do our best to produce fantastic family companions, aiming for good health, great temperaments and beautiful type. We are very experienced in breeding quality dogs and are always aiming for excellence!


Purchasing our first American Staffordshire Terriers in 2013 we absolutely fell in love with the breed and knew we wanted to contribute to the breed and do our best to improve the Amstaff within Australia. When we originally got into the breed it was all a little confusing as size and colour seemed to be the most important thing to a lot of breeders! Still to this day size and colour are prioritised by many but it is great to be helping to educate and expand the gene pool with quality lines and dogs bred to the standard. Though not all of our dogs are perfect we will always do our best to breed as close to standard as possible and produce quality pups.


We have done countless hours of research and put so much blood, sweat and tears into our breeding program, to us it's all been worth it when we see the joy our pups bring to their new families. Continuously working to improve on what we do by up-grading our facilities, researching, investing in imports or semen to expand and improve our lines, we hope to bring many more families beautiful quality companions!


Our Prefix was chosen due to the normalisation of obesity in dogs and the constant want from Amstaff owners to see a high number on the scale when they weigh their dogs ~ FITNOTFAT 

Amstaffs are a medium size breed, female being 18-25kg males being 25-32kg on average. If you're wanting a 50kg dog perhaps look into other breeds.



We are not currently allowing visitors due to biosecurity risk.

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