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FNF Kennels Availability 

FNF Kennels aims to produce quality dogs for good loving homes, we have a waiting list for those wanting pups from certain litters (to see our planned litters CLICK HERE), if you'd like to be placed on our waiting list reach out by email FNFKennels@gmail.com for an application form. A deposit is required to be placed on the waiting list and we only take names for 1st and 2nd pick male and female.

Our pups are offered on the ANKC Limited registration for pet homes, not for breeding or showing. We also offer some pups on the Main registration (Breeding and show rights) to established breeders or up coming breeders. 

Some of our 1st pick male pups are offered on co-ownership or guardian homes, this way they can still be used as a part of the FNF Kennels breeding program whilst being in their forever home. Contact us for further information on this.

Please note guardian homes must be located within 5 hours of Inverell NSW. Co-own homes with other breeders can be located further, there are terms for our co-owns in regards to health testing and exhibiting.

Our American Bullies are registered with the ABKC, pups sold as pets only will receive papers once there is proof of desexing.
Our Bullies are only offered with breeding rights on Co-own agreements, the dog must be of sound health and temperament before being bred, a bitch is NOT to be bred before 18 months of age. Pedigree papers will not be issued if the agreement is not met. For more information please contact us directly.


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