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Planned Breedings

We are extremely excited to be starting our Rottweiler line! Finding the right girl was just the beginning, we have done a lot of research to select the right males to include in our program and not limiting ourselves on only what's readily available in Australia. Hopefully in the coming years we will achieve great things with our Rotties.

This page will show our planned breedings, keeping in mind that we can change our intended pairs at any time without warning. If you are interested in a pup from one of the breedings below or would like more information please contact us by email -

If you would like to be placed on the waiting list there is a $500.00 fee, this fee is non-refundable however it will come off the total price of the pup. Otherwise keep an eye on our available puppies page.



This will be a top quality Rottweiler breeding, focusing on good health, temperament and nice type.
We're hoping to keep back our next generation from this pairing. 
Pups will be available on the ANKC Limited register only.

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